FALL REGISTRATION August 8-9 from 9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. and from 4:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. Continuing Education fall registration begins July 13 and continues daily throughout the semester.

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I am a new student, how do I apply? New applicants applying to Bladen Community College should complete the following steps: (1) Complete Bladen Community College Admission Application; (2) Complete Federal Funding Questionnaire Form; (3) Submit official copies of High School, GED, Adult High School and college transcriptions (unofficial copies WILL NOT be accepted); (4) Complete COMPASS Test (SAT, PSAT, ACT scores that meet minimum requirements may be accepted in lieu) ; and (5) Submit online Free Application for Federal Student Aid (this step is optional).


Is there an application fee? No, there is no application fee for applicants applying for admission to Bladen Community College.

I am applying as a transfer student; what do I need to know? Transfer applicants are required to complete the above listed steps for new students.  The school’s registrar will complete a thorough evaluation of the your official college transcript to determine which courses will transfer to Bladen Community College; official copies of college transcripts are required for this  process.

I have not taken the SAT or ACT, am I required to complete such testing for admissions? No, students that have not taken the SAT, ACT or did not score the following: (1) SAT – 500 or higher on both Critical Reading and Math; (2) a score of 22 or higher on Math, and 18 or higher in English and 21 in the Reading part of the ACT. (SAT or ACT Test scores must be on tests taken during the past 5 years.) The test is available at no cost to students and students will be given result immediately. Contact Tommy Rains at 910.879.5565 for scheduling.


How do I apply for financial aid? Once a student has completed an application for admission to Bladen Community College and has expressed interest in applying for financial aid, the student must then complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid at www.fafsa.ed.gov.  Previous year’s tax return or income verification is required to accurately complete the application.  For your convenience, you may complete this application in the Bladen Community College Financial Aid Lab.  The enclosed document, Financial Aid Application Instructions, will provide further details.

What is Federal Work-Study? Federal funds pay a portion of the wages of financially needy students who are working on campus or at designated local community service jobs. We do not guarantee a student an on-campus job.  The job opportunities vary depending on the needs of the faculty and staff. The Federal Work-Study program is only available to students that qualify for federal student aid.

When should I apply for Federal Student Aid? Federal Student Aid is awarded annually. Annual awards are assigned based on an academic year, July – June, rather than a calendar year, January - December. This period is composed of the Fall and Spring semesters.  It is important that students apply for assistance as soon as possible upon completing their tax return.  Please contact Financial Aid Personnel at 910.879.5500 for further assistance.


Do I have to repay Financial Aid (Pell Grant)?  Students are not required to repay the Pell Grant.  However, if you drop your classes prior to the 60% point, you will be responsible for repayment of Pell Grant funds.

Do I have to apply for Financial Aid every year?  Yes, every year students are required to complete an update FAFSA application.


What do I do if I am unsure of a major?  Go to www.cfnc.org and create a new user account. Once you have established your account, you will be granted access to complete the Career Key Assessment as well as seven other valuable assessments at no cost. Such assessments are available at CFNC Bridges area of the website.

Can I have more than one major at a time? Students are permitted to actively work towards two degrees at the same time; however, students that received federal student aid will only received aid for courses listed under their original program of study.

I want to transfer to a four-year university, what courses should I take? Students that desire to transfer to a four-year university should enroll in the College Transfer Program.  This program is designed specifically for this population of individuals.  Courses taken as a part of this program are listed under the Comprehensive Articulation Agreement which ensures all courses with a grade of “C” or better  will transfer to any of the 16 colleges listed in the University of North Carolina System and most private colleges and universities in North Carolina. 


How do I change my major? A student that desires to change his/her major should meet with their advisor or a counselor in the Student Services Department. Upon the completion of counseling, the student must submit a Change of Major Form with their advisor or counselor’s signature to the Admissions Office.

Are COMPASS Test scores good after five years? 

No, but 100 level classes such as ENG 111 or MAT 140 supersede the need for the individual to retest after five years.

I scored poorly on the COMPASS Test, will I be permitted to retest for a higher score? Students are NOT usually permitted to retest unless in the event of technical problems or a very unusual extenuating circumstance. All students should prepare well prior to taking the COMPASS test.