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Math Classes

Is math holding you back from taking college courses? This should not be the case. As of fall 2013, Bladen Community College will be offering self-paced developmental math (DMA) courses. The beauty of these courses is that you do not need to take material that you have already mastered. The modules you will be placed in will be structured in a way to help you overcome challenges you had in specific areas.
Your instructors are there for you. You will be working with a team of devoted, caring, competent, and experienced instructors who will answer any questions you may have.
You will learn that you will determine your own success! The harder you work towards mastering the skills required for one module, the faster you can move on to the second module. Once you complete these modules, you will be ready for college level mathematics.
In these modules, you will master the conceptual study of the following topics:

  • integers,
  • fractions,
  • decimals,
  • proportions,
  • ratios,
  • rates,
  • percents,
  • expressions,
  • linear equations,
  • linear inequalities,
  • graphs and equations of lines,
  • polynomials and quadratic applications,
  • rational expressions and equations, and
  • radical expressions and equations.

Important Note: Take advantage of the help that your instructors can provide you. Seek their help early in the semester and move smoothly from one module to another.