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Ray Sheppard
Director of Distance Programs
(910) 879-5542

What is an Interactive - TV course?

Interactive Television classes are conducted on-site and are basically face-to-face traditional classes. An instructor may require online testing or discussion for an I-TV class. Students have to be on-campus, to attend I-TV classes. The class is conducted between two or more sites via interactive television.

Instructors who plan to teach I-TV classes need to have minimal training in operating the equipment and in providing a camera friendly environment.

Guidelines for I-TV Students

  • Avoid any “candid” comments - The microphones are extremely sensitive and will pickup the slightest whisper. You may not hear this at your site, but it will be transmitted to all participating sites.
  • Avoid any “sideline” conversations while the class is in session. This will also be heard at other sites at an audio level equal to the instructor's lecture.
  • Please state your name and school before asking a question.
  • Keep the desks/tables free of book bags and unnecessary books or materials.
  • Be conscious of any nervous pencil tapping, finger tapping, coughing, and unwrapping items you might inadvertently do. Refrain from eating candy or chewing gum. These sounds will be as loud as the instructor's lecture at other sites.
  • Try to be in the classroom and prepared for class before time to begin. Entering after class has begun causes a disturbance and excess noise.
  • Avoid talking at the same time as others when making comments. Please wait until they finish their statement before making yours. There is a 3 second delay in the audio/video transmission. Keep this in mind.
  • If the instructor's audio is fading out, or if you have been viewing the same picture on the television monitor for some time, inform the instructor at the teaching site about the problem so it can be corrected.
  • NO FOOD , DRINK,or CELLPHONE use in the I-TV Room. If you have a cellphone in your pocket or purse, LEAVE IT TURNED OFF.