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BCC cosmetology project helps cancer victims

Source Date: July 26, 2012

The Bladen Community College Cosmetology Department has just completed a project that will undoubtedly raise the spirits of a group of people who are battling cancer. The aspiring cosmetologists in BCC's summer cosmetology class have chosen to donate the wigs they are designing as part of their training program to the North Carolina Cancer Institute in Lumberton.
According to Cosmetology Department Chair Audrey Lewis, the idea of donating the wigs surfaced after she shared a recent encounter with her students. "In June I received a phone call from a family member of a resident here in Bladen County asking if I could come to the home to do a haircut," Lewis explained. "This was not a normal haircut; it was to shave the head of someone battling cancer. "Later in class, I shared the experience with the students because they will likely encounter this at some point during their career. I shared the experience in hopes that it would better prepare them. One of the points we try to get across to the students is that we (in cosmetology) don't just work with hair, we work with people in all different situations," Lewis added.
"Cosmetology is an exciting field," Lewis said. "It entails such things as mainstream fashion, changing hair color, and creating new styles. No two days are ever the same and every encounter is an opportunity to learn. These summer semester students have encountered many learning opportunities to help them better understand cosmetology and what it entails."
According to Lewis, a class requirement of Cosmetology 115 and 116 is that students learn about artificial hair and making wigs. "This semester the students wanted to do more than just complete a class project," she explained. "They wanted to help in some way. So they decided to donate the wigs they were designing to the Cancer Institute."
After the project Lewis asked the class to summarize their experience. The following is what the class submitted. "Beauty is really something that shines outward from the inside. People who are going through a difficult time and are able to maintain a beautiful spirit and outlook is something that we as aspiring cosmetologists cannot produce. What we can do as cosmetologists is create pieces or enhance features that will help the outside match the inside. This is what we tried to achieve with the wigs that were created this summer semester in the BCC Cosmetology program. Knowing that the wigs we created are going to individuals who will possibly feel better about their situation or themselves is not only a class achievement for us but a personal victory as well."