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Start achieving your goals today with one of 71+ associate degrees, diplomas, and certificates offered at Bladen Community College.

Program Name Prog Code CIP Code
Associate Degree Nursing A45110 51.3801
   LPN to RN – Bridge Program A45110B 51.3801
   Paramedic to RN – Bridge Program A45110C 51.3801
Basic Law Enforcement Training (BLET) Certificate C55120 43.0107
Business Administration A25120 52.0201
   Business Administration Diploma D25120 52.0201
   Business Administration Bookkeeping Certificate C25120B 52.0201
   Business Administration Management Certificate C25120MG 52.0201
Carpentry Diploma D35180 46.0201
   Carpentry Certificate C35180 46.0201
Associate in Arts – College Transfer A10100 24.0101
Associate in Science – College Transfer A10400 24.0101
Cosmetology A55140 12.0401
   Cosmetology Diploma D55140 12.0401
   Cosmetology Certificate C55140 12.0401
   Cosmetology Instructor Certificate C55160 12.0413
Criminal Justice Technology A55180 43.0104
   Criminal Justice Fundamentals Certificate C55180CJF 43.0104
   Criminal Justice Homeland Security Certificate C55180CHS 43.0104
   Criminal Justice Introductory Criminal Justice   Certificate C55180CJ 43.0104
   Criminal Justice Private Investigations/Loss Prevention Certificate C55180PI 43.0104
Early Childhood Education A55220 13.1210
   Early Childhood Education Diploma D55220 13.1210
    Administrator Early Childhood Certificate C55220A 13.1210
   Lead Teacher Early Childhood Certificate C55220T 13.1501
   Early Childhood Preschool Certificate C55220P 13.1210
   Infant/Toddler Care Certificate C55290 19.0706
Electrical Systems Technology A35130 46.0302
   Electrical Systems Technology Diploma D35130 46.0302
   Electrical Systems Technology Certificate Electricity C35130EL 46.0302
   Electrical Systems Technology Certificate Industrial Controls C35130IC 46.0302
Emergency Medical Science (EMS) A45340 51.0904
   Emergency Medical Science (EMS) – Bridge Program A45340B 51.0904
General Education A10300 24.0199
General Education – Nursing A1030N 51.1105
General Occupational Technology A55280 24.0102
Industrial Systems Technology A50240 15.0499
   Industrial Systems Technology Diploma D50240 15.0499
   Industrial Systems Technology Certificate Bio-Tech Maintenance C50240BT 15.0499
   Industrial Systems Technology Certificate CNC Machining C50240CM 15.0499
   Industrial Systems Technology Certificate Facilities Maintenance C50240F 15.0499
   Industrial Systems Technology Certificate HVACR Maintenance C50240H 15.0499
   Industrial Systems Technology Certificate Industrial Process C50240IP 15.0499
   Industrial Systems Technology Certificate Machining C50240MC 15.0499
   Industrial Systems Technology Certificate Mechatronics C50240MT 15.0499
   Industrial Systems Technology Certificate Mechanical C50240M 15.0499
   Industrial Systems Technology Certificate Plumbing C50240PL 15.0499
Information Technology – Computer Programming and Development A25590P 11.0103
Information Technology – Information Systems A25590IT 11.0103
Information Technology – Systems Security / Cyber Security A25590S 11.0103
Information Technology – Web Administration and Design A25590W 11.0103
Information Technology Diploma D25590 11.0103
Information Technology Certification Prep Certificate C25590C 11.0103
Information Technology Computer Programming Certificate C25590P 11.0103
Information Technology Cyber Security Certificate C25590S 11.0103
Information Technology Database Certificate C25590D 11.0103
Information Technology Certificate C25590 11.0103
Information Technology Web Programming Certificate C25590W 11.0103
Medical Office Administration A25310 51.0705
Medical Office Administration Diploma D25310 51.0705
Medical Office Administration Certificate C25310 51.0705
Nurse Aide Diploma D45970 51.3902
   Nurse Aide Certificate C45840 51.3902
Office Administration A25370 52.0204
   Office Administration Diploma D25370 52.0204
   Office Administration Certificate C25370 52.0204
   Office Administration Desktop Publishing Certificate C25370DP 52.0204
   Office Administration Medical Office Receptionist Certificate C25370MR 52.0204
   Office Administration Microsoft Office Applications Certificate C25370MO 52.0204
   Office Administration Patient Access Representative Certificate C25370PA 52.0204
Practical Nursing Diploma D45660 51.3901
Welding Technology A50420 48.0508
   Welding Technology Diploma D50420 48.0508
   Welding – Commercial and Industrial Welding Certificate C50420CI 48.0508
   Welding – Fabrication Certificate – Pipe Fitter Certificate C50420PF 48.0508
   Welding – Pipe Welding Certificate C50420P 45.0508
   Welding – Processes I Certificate C50420PI 45.0508
   Welding – Structural Welding Certificate C50420S 45.0508

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