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Accelerate Your Progress at BCC Beginning April 12th 

Bladen Community College announces a new way to accelerate your progress to reaching your educational or career goals.

A four (4) weeks mini- semester this spring with classes starting April 12th is now available for current and prospective students.     

Need to squeeze in a class this semester? Want to accomplish this while still being able to keep your job schedule or spend time with your family? Taking a mini semester class is a way to accomplish just that. A four (4) weeks class offers you the opportunity to earn credit toward your degree during a shorter semester or just get started on reaching that educational goal. Take a four (4) weeks online class and enjoy the following benefits: · Fulfill an additional course requirement · Complete the coursework from wherever you are · Shorten your time to graduation · Enjoy small class sizes in an online learning community.  Check out Bladen Community College’s website at this link  or contact our advising center at  or call 910.879.5584.

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