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A new student (for credit) is a high school graduate or a graduate of a high school equivalency program (OR is currently completing the last semester of high school) attending BCC for the first time.


(1) Meet with a Student Services Representative

Student services representatives offer guidance through the application process and provide information about programs of study and program requirements. To meet with a representative, visit the Information Desk in the Student Resource Center. You may also email or call for an appointment. Please leave a voicemail for a prompt reply in the event someone does not answer your phone call.


(2) Complete your Residency Determination Interview

EFFECTIVE MAY 1, 2017 – Bladen Community College does not have the ability to validate residency status for students or make any changes in residency status.  The North Carolina State Legislature has established the RESIDENCY DETERMINATION SERVICE (RDS) which will serve as the single authority for determining whether a student qualifies for in-state tuition.

If a student does not have a residency certification number (RCN), it must be obtained prior to submitting an application for admission to Bladen Community College. Click on the “Steps to Apply” in the “Which Kind of Student are You?” section to start your BCC journey!


Frequently Asked Questions for RDS Documents you MUST HAVE to Complete the RDS Interview – Click onto “INITIAL CONSIDERATION”

Navigating FAFSA and RDS to prepare for college

For information concerning your completed RDS interview, password resets, extra documentation, or appeals please use the following contact information. NOTE: Appeals to residency status must be directed to the NC residency committee, not Bladen Community College. Bladen Community College is not authorized to establish or change an applicant’s residency status.

844.319.3640 (toll free)
919.835.2427 (fax)

Monday – Thursday (8:00 AM until 8:00 PM)
Friday (8:00 AM until 5:00 PM)

PO Box 41940
Raleigh, NC 27629-1940



(3) Complete a Bladen Community College Admissions Application

Complete the entire BCC Application for Admission. Remember, you must have completed your residency determination interview prior to completing a BCC application. A valid RCN number is required to establish residency for all state-supported public colleges and universities in North Carolina.




(4) Activate your Student Account

Visit myBCC Connect from the homepage to activate your student account. For assistance follow the instructions. All college-related emails sent as a BCC student should be sent using your “student email” assigned to you during admission to the college.


(5) Apply for Financial Aid

Complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to find out if you are eligible for financial aid.


(6) Submit All High School and/or College Transcripts

All transcripts must be official, sealed documents submitted by your school to:

Bladen Community College
Office of Admissions
Post Office Box 266
Dublin, NC  28332


Additional Resources

High School Transcripts (Public NC High Schools)
–  North Carolina GED Request
–  GED Request (Other States)
World Education Services


(7) Reinforced Instruction for Student Excellence (RISE) Placement

RISE is Bladen Community College’s procedure that considers unweighted high school grade point average (GPA) to determine placement for English (ENG) and mathematics (MAT) courses for your program of study. RISE applies to all students graduating from a United States public high school, private high school, or home school that operates in compliance with State or local law. DMA and DRE courses have been replaced by Transition English ENG-002 and Transition Math MAT-003 courses. If you have not taken any DMA or DRE courses, your unweighted high school GPA may place you into your first mathematics or English course. The chart below outlines the courses necessary based on your high school GPA. You may make the image larger, thus viewable, by clicking on the chart.

Rise Graphic

There is no GPA for GED and HiSET diploma recipients; therefore, direct placement into transition courses or a RISE placement test will be given to determine which English and Math courses are required. To schedule the RISE placement test, visit the Testing Section. For additional information about RISE placement or the RISE placement test, contact Mr. Carlton Bryan, 910.879.5524 or email

Contact your advisor for assistance if you have questions or difficulty registering for the appropriate course(s). If you are unaware who your advisor is, log into Self-Service.


(8) Meet with your Educational Advisor

ALL STUDENTS are required to meet with an educational advisor prior to scheduled registrations each semester. An educational advisor’s purpose is to approve educational plans for advisees according to the student’s desired program of study.  After meeting with an advisor and getting a course schedule planned for a semester, students can take advantage of self-service registration through Self-Service during scheduled registration periods. Learn more about student advising and find YOUR educational advisor HERE!


The Advising Center is open for appointments, walk-ins, phone calls, and email messages. Students with fewer than 24 earned credit hours will be assigned to an Advisor in the Advising Center. Students with 24 or more earned credit hours are assigned a Faculty Advisor in their program of study. Find your Academic Advisor in Self-Service.

In-Office Hours
Days and Times Available Monday – Thursday

8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.


8:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

Location Building 2, Office Suite 105

Advising Center Email: (Please use BCC email account)

Phone: 910.879.5584


(9) Register for Classes

Register for classes through your educational advisor or get approval through your educational advisor to register online through Self-Service. Please contact one of our student service representatives (listed in Step 1) for questions related to registering for classes.


(10) Veterans Educational Benefits

Do you plan to use VA benefits? Visit our VA representative in the Learning Enhancement Center (Building 8, Room 4). Contact Carlton Bryan, Testing, Disabilities, and Veterans Services Director – 910.879.5524 /

. Bladen Community College is designated as a Military Friendly School.


(11) Pay Tuition & Fees

After registration, tuition and fees must be paid by established deadlines. Listed options below.
  • Self-Pay: Visit the cashier’s office in the Essic Williams Building (building 10) or pay by phone, 910.879.5507.
    The cashier’s office is not open during virtual campus operations.
  • Financial Aid: Some students may be eligible for Title IV assistance, also known as the PELL grant. Contact a financial aid representative today for assistance. Bladen Community College does not issue student loans.
  • Pay Online! / Tuition Payment Plan: BCC offers an online and convenient monthly tuition payment plan to help students with their educational expenses. Students are also able to pay tuition in full online through this service. Touchnet provides this service.


(12) Student ID & Parking Permit

ALL STUDENTS must have a valid student ID when on campus. Students’ vehicles must have a valid parking permit visible on the rear view mirror of the vehicle to park in student-assigned parking lots.


Bring your current class schedule and proof of payment to the customer service desk in the Student Resource Center (building 7) to get a Student ID.


Visit the Information Desk in building 2 (student services) to complete a vehicle registration form. Bring your valid Student ID or class schedule with proof of payment to receive your parking permit. You will need to know the make of your vehicle and license plate number to complete the vehicle registration form.