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Bladen Community College’s 2022 Graduation Celebration Continues

Bladen Community College graduated 263 students as its Class of 2022. The Class of 2022 was one of the largest graduating classes ever from Bladen Community College and included the first graduating class of the BCC Early College program; there were 54 students graduating with honors and seven with high honors. The graduates received diplomas or associate degrees from over 100 different curriculum programs. Many graduates are going on to further their education at universities such as UNC-Chapel Hill, Fayetteville State, as well as other graduates are beginning their dream careers.

Graduates and their families had anticipated participating in a large, outside, campus wide special event, Graduation Celebration, to mark the occasion and recognized the distinctions of the Class of 2022 on Friday, May 13th. Although the College was not able to host the Graduation Celebration due to inclement weather, a smaller, special gathering to honor and celebrate the Class of 2022 was still held Friday in the auditorium. Over 160 graduates attended the scaled back event. Each graduate had the opportunity for a free, professional congratulatory photograph with Dr. Amanda Lee, President, and Dennis Troy, Chair, BCC Board of Trustees.  Families were invited to join in and celebrate along with each graduate as their names were called.  Many took advantage of the photo booths inside the auditorium and under shelter to capture their special moment with families, friends and special guests. All participating graduates were given a commemorative gift bag from the Bladen Community College including BCC logo graduation items and a special alumni gift.

Dr. Amanda Lee, President, shared at the event, “We are committed to recognizing and honoring the success of our graduates. We are so proud of our students for all they have accomplished and we are excited to celebrate this special moment as a community and continue to honor our graduates in the days to come.”

Technical difficulties prevented the release of the graduation commencement video on Friday night but it is now available for viewing by visiting the college website,, and clicking on the link provided. The video is also available on the college’s social media pages. The virtual graduation commencement video features formal remarks, a keynote speaker, and the conferring of degrees and certificates, as well as the reading aloud the names and honors of each participating graduate. Riley Clewis, President of Bladen Community College Student Government Association, leads the ceremony with an invocation, and Abigail Simmons sings the national anthem—both are members of the Class of 2022. Cynthia McKoy, Vice-President of Academic Services and most recent Chief Academic Officer, recognizes Jennifer Gonzalez with the coveted Academic Achievement Award.  Mr. Dennis Troy, Chairman of the Bladen Community College Board of Trustees, brings greetings from the college trustees and inspiring remarks.

BCC’s graduation commencement ceremony video also features Dr. Sylvia E. Johnson as its keynote speaker.  Dr. Johnson is a native of Elizabethtown and a graduate of Tar Heel High School, was recently appointed to the US Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board by President Biden. Participating graduates will hear their names announced aloud which accompanies their personalized digital slide with photo, tribute, earned degree or certificated, and any honors earned.  Bladen Community College President, Dr. Amanda K. Lee delivers an uplifting charge to the Class of 2022 and confers the degrees and certificates. Even included is a moment that all graduates anticipate with excitement—the turning of their tassels to signify that they have achieved the distinction of graduation, transitioning from BCC student to BCC alumni.

Bladen Community College students, graduates, staff, faculty and community members are encouraged to view the video in its entirety by visiting the college website, and celebrate the success of our graduates’ achievements.  Join us on social media, as we will be sharing graduate photos and more information about the Class of 2022 throughout the week.

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