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AGR 139 Intro to Sustainable Ag

This course will provide students with a clear perspective on the principles, history and practices of sustainable agriculture in our local and global communities. Students will be introduced to the economic, environmental and social impacts of agriculture. Upon completion, students will be able to identify the principles of sustainable agriculture as they relate to basic Read More

AGR 140 Agricultural Chemicals

This course covers all aspects of agricultural chemicals. Topics include safety, environmental effects, federal and state laws, pesticide classification, sprayer calibration, and licensing. Upon completion, students should be able to calibrate a sprayer, give proper pesticide recommendations (using integrated pest management), and demonstrate safe handling of pesticides.

AGR 170 Soil Science

This course covers the basic principles of soil management and fertilization. Topics include liming, fertilization, soil management, biological properties of soil (including beneficial microorganisms), sustainable land care practices and the impact on soils, and plant nutrients. Upon completion, students should be able to analyze, evaluate, and properly amend soils/media according to sustainable practices.

AGR 210 Agricultural Accounting

This course covers the basic principles and practices of accounting and bookkeeping as they relate to the agricultural industry. Topics include general accounting terminology, data entry practices, and analysis of records for tax purposes. Upon completion, students should be able to complete a basic record book and analyze records for tax purposes.

AGR 212 Farm Business Management

This course introduces budgeting farm analysis, production costs, business organizations, and general management principles. Topics include enterprise budgets, partial budgets, whole farm budgets, income analysis, and business organizations. Upon completion, students should be able to prepare and analyze a farm budget.

AGR 213 Ag Law & Finance

This course covers the basic laws and financial aspects affecting agriculture. Topics include environmental laws, labor laws, contractual business operations, assets, liabilities, net worth, and funding sources. Upon completion, students should be able to complete loan application procedures and explain basic laws affecting the agricultural industry.

AGR 214 Agricultural Marketing

This covers basic marketing principles for agricultural products. Topics include buying, selling, processing, standardizing, grading, storing, and marketing of agricultural commodities. Upon completion, students should be able to construct a marketing plan for an agricultural product.

AGR 262 Weed ID & Control

This course introduces the annual and perennial weeds of economic importance in the Southeast. Topics include the life cycles, flowering habits, identification, and control of various weeds in the Southeast. Upon completion, students should be able to identify selected weeds and recommend methods of control.