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SOC 210 Introduction to Sociology

This course introduces the scientific study of human society, culture, and social interactions. Topics include socialization, research methods, diversity and inequality, cooperation and conflict, social change, social institutions, and organizations. Upon completion, students should be able to demonstrate knowledge of sociological concepts as they apply to the interplay among individuals, groups, and societies. This course Read More

SOC 213 Sociology of the Family

This course covers the institution of the family and other intimate relationships. Emphasis is placed on mate selection, gender roles, sexuality, communication, power and conflict, parenthood, diverse lifestyles, divorce and remarriage, and economic issues. Upon completion, students should be able to analyze the family as a social institution and the social forces which influence its Read More

SOC 220 Social Problems

This course provides an in-depth study of current social problems. Emphasis is placed on causes, consequences, and possible solutions to problems associated with families, schools, workplaces, communities, and the environment. Upon completion, students should be able to recognize, define, analyze, and propose solutions to these problems. This course has been approved to satisfy the Comprehensive Read More

SOC 225 Social Diversity

This course provides a comparison of diverse roles, interests, opportunities, contributions, and experiences in social life. Topics include race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, class, and religion. Upon completion, students should be able to analyze how cultural and ethnic differences evolve and how they affect personality development, values, and tolerance. This course has been approved to Read More

SOC 230 Race and Ethnic Relations

This course includes an examination of the various aspects of race and ethnicity and how these lead to different experiences, opportunities, problems, and contributions. Topics include prejudice, discrimination, perceptions, myths, stereotypes, and intergroup relationships. Upon completion, students should be able to identify and analyze relationships among racial and ethnic groups within the larger society. This Read More

SOC 232 Social Context of Aging

This course provides an overview of the social implications of the aging process. Emphasis is placed on the roles of older adults within families, work and economics, politics, religion, education, and health care. Upon completion, students should be able to identify and analyze changing perceptions, diverse lifestyles, and social and cultural realities of older adults. Read More

SOC 244 Soc of Death & Dying

This course presents sociological perspectives on death and dying. Emphasis is placed on analyzing the different death rates among various groups, races, and societies, as well as various types of death. Upon completion, students should be able to discuss the rituals of death, both cultural and religious, and examine current issues relating to death and Read More

SOC 254 Rural and Urban Sociology

This course applies sociological concepts to a comparative study of major social issues facing contemporary rural and urban America. Emphasis is placed on growth and development patterns, ecological factors, social organizations, social controls, and processes of change. Upon completion, students should be able to illustrate the differences and similarities that exist between urban and rural Read More