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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is BCC’s federal school code?
    BCC’s federal school code is 007987. Use this code on the FAFSA form so the results are sent to BCC’s Financial Aid office.

  2. How do I apply for financial aid?
    Fill out the FAFSA online at

  3. What information is needed to complete the FAFSA?
    The Student’s and Parent’s (if dependent) tax returns and W2’s are needed to complete the FAFSA. It is preferred that the student and parent use the IRS Data Retrieval Tool to import the previous year’s taxes into the FAFSA.

  4. What is a FSA ID?
    The FSA ID is a user name and password that has replaced the Federal Student Aid Pin and must be used to log in to the FAFSA website and other certain U.S. Department of Education websites. Your FSA ID confirms you identity. You may create your FSA ID at

  5. When do I need to reapply for financial aid?
    You must reapply for financial aid every year. A new FAFSA should be completed between January 1st and March 15th every year after a student and/or parents have completed their taxes.

  6. I applied for financial aid at a different school, but now I want to attend BCC. What do I do?
    Go to the FAFSA website and update the completed FAFSA with BCC’s Federal School Code: 007987 so that the Financial Aid Office at BCC will receive your information electronically.

  7. How long does it take for my financial aid to get on my account?
    The student’s file must be complete and awarded before aid can be applied to a student’s account. Available aid is applied toward the beginning of each semester.

  8. What is verification?
    Verification is the process by which the accuracy of the information on your FAFSA is confirmed by the Financial Aid Office. If your application is selected for verification by the Department of Education, the Financial Office will contact you for additional information. You will not be awarded any financial aid until all requested documents are completed and returned to the Financial Aid Office.

  9. My parents are divorced. Whose income information do I use?
    Use the income of the parent for your current residence or the parent who most recently provided over 50% of your support.

  10. I don’t live with my parents or my parents don’t claim me on their tax returns. Do I still need to use their information on the FAFSA?
    Yes. It does not matter if you live with them or not. If you do not meet the federal definition of an independent student, you are required to supply parent information on the FAFSA.

  11. What is the federal definition of an independent student?
    The Federal Government deems that if you answer yes to one of the following criteria, you are considered independent and do not have to include your parent’s income on your FAFSA.

* You are 24 years of age
* You are married
* You have children who receive half of their support from you
* You are or have been a ward of the court
* You are currently serving on active duty in the U.S. Armed Forces
* You are a veteran of the U.S. Armed Forces
* You are currently enrolled in a master’s or doctorate program (such as: MA, MBA, MD, JD, PhD, EdD, graduate certificate, etc)

  1. My parent is remarried. Do I need to use my step-parent’s income/tax information on the FAFSA?

  2. I am separated from my spouse now. How do I file for financial aid?
    Bring your federal tax return and W-2s to the Financial Aid Office. We can help you fill out your FAFSA form based on your information only.

  3. I was recently married. Do I have to include my spouse’s information on the FAFSA?
    Yes. A student should include his/her spouse’s information on the FAFSA. If separate federal income tax returns were filed, combine the adjusted gross incomes from the tax returns and include them on the appropriate line of the FAFSA. Do the same for the amount of taxes paid and other amounts.

  4. How many years can I receive the Pell Grant and what is LEU?
    You are eligible for a Pell Grant until you have earned a Bachelor’s degree or received your Lifetime Eligibility Used (LEU) amount of Pell Grant (12 full-time semesters). For more information contact the financial aid office.

  5. I’m in default on my student loans. Can I get a Federal Pell Grant?
    Students in default on a federal student loan are not eligible for any federal or state financial aid. Students must make six consecutive payments on a defaulted loan and make satisfactory payment arrangements with the Department of Education to regain eligibility for aid. Students must present the Financial Aid office with official notification from the Department of Education that they are no longer in default and may receive Title IV aid.

  6. Is it mandatory that I have an official high school, GED, or adult high school transcript on file in the Admissions Office of BCC?
    Federal regulations require that a student submit an official high school, GED, or adult high school transcript to the Admissions Office prior to receiving financial aid.

  7. If I am full-time, why didn’t I receive all of the refund amount?
    You only get paid for classes that you have attended. For example, the credit hours of a second session course that you have not started will not be included in a refund until you have attended the class. Once your enrollment status is confirmed from half-time to quarter-time, quarter-time to full time, etc., you will be paid for those hours.

  8. What are the requirements for Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) for financial aid?
    Financial aid recipients must meet both a “qualitative” and a “quantitative” standard to maintain eligibility for financial aid. Students must maintain a cumulative 2.0 grade point average (GPA) to meet the qualitative standard. Students must also successfully complete 67 percent of all credits in which they enroll to meet the quantitative standard.

  9. If I drop a class, how will it affect my financial aid?
    If you completely withdraw from all classes prior to the 60% point of the semester, you may be required to repay part of the financial aid that has been awarded to you. The possibility of repayment occurs only if you withdraw from all classes; however, any withdrawals can affect your financial aid eligibility in future semesters.

  10. Can part-time students receive financial aid?
    Yes. Pell Grant proration is based on the following standards:

    Full time 12 or more credit hours (full award)
    3/4 time 9-11 credit hours (3/4 of the full award)
    1/2 time 6-8 credit hours (1/2 of the full award)
    Less than 1/2 time 1-5 credit hours (prorated based on Pell chart payment schedule)
  11. I am taking classes at two different schools in one semester. Can I receive financial aid from both schools?
    No. Federal regulation prohibit students from receiving financial aid from two schools during one semester. You must receive financial aid from the institution in which you will receive your degree. If a student plans to enroll at another college while attending BCC, the student must pay the tuition, fees, books and supplies at the visiting college. Then the student must bring the registration form and receipt from the visiting college to the Financial Aid Office. A consortium agreement must be signed by the Financial Aid Director at the visiting college to verify enrollment and increase the student’s financial aid eligibility based on the total number of credit hours enrolled.

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