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Inspiring Words Were Shared at Recent MLK Event at Bladen Community College


The principal of East Bladen High School, Dr. Jason Wray was the keynote speaker at this year’s Bladen Community College program honoring the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  The program was held in the college auditorium on Tuesday, February 4th.

A focal point of Dr. Wray’s speech was the sharing of a story about his college economic professor who drove home for him the meaning of “there is no free lunch”.   Dr. Wray recounted that during his military career that he was reminded often of how true this statement was and again in his education career.  He said “you can’t get something for nothing.  Everything comes at a price.  If you want opportunity, you have to earn it.  Dr. King wanted to create opportunities for all people.”

During Dr. Wray’s closing remarks to the assembly, he explained the significance of the accomplishments of Dr. King and how they have set him apart as more than just a hero to a select groups of Americans, pointing out that Dr. King’s legacy has had worldwide impact.

“I think his greatest legacy is demonstrating how one can stand up against unrighteousness and injustice without the use of violence,” said Wray.  He added “ had Dr. King chosen a pathway of violence, there would not be a holiday in his honor.”

A new highlight for this year’s event was an essay contest and the announcement of the contest winner. Ms. Jamie Lewis submitted the winning entry and read her very moving, emotional essay for the audience at the event.   Ms. Lewis is currently a student in the Medical Office Administration. program at Bladen Community College.

The event sponsored by the Diversity and Equity Committee of Bladen Community College is held annually in observance of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday.

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