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Cosmetology – Instructor Certificate

Credential: Certificate
Code: C55160

The Cosmetology Instructor curriculum provides a course of study for learning the skills needed to teach the theory and practice of cosmetology as required by the North Carolina Board of Cosmetic Arts.

Course work includes requirements for becoming an instructor, introduction to teaching theory, methods and aids, practice teaching, and development of evaluation instruments.

Graduates of the program may be employed as cosmetology instructors in public or private education and business.

This program leads to a certificate. To be eligible for graduation, the student must have satisfactorily completed the course requirements as outlined below. Completion will also qualify the student to take the examination given by the North Carolina Board of Cosmetic Arts to become a licensed instructor.

To qualify for admission into this program, the student must be a licensed cosmetologist who has practiced as a full-time registered cosmetologist in an approved beauty salon for at least six months.


The twenty-four (24) semester hours below are required for a certificate in the Cosmetology Instructor Program.

Course Prefix, No. Title Class Lab Clinical Credit
Fall Semester          
COS 271 Instructor Concepts I 5 0 0 5
COS 272 Instructor Practicum 0 21 0 7
Total Hours Per Week 5 21 0 12
Spring Semester          
COS 273 Instructor Concepts II 5 0 0 5
COS 274 Instructor Practicum 0 21 0 7
Total Hours Per Week 5 21 0 12
    10 42 0 24