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Mechatronics Engineering Technology – Certificate

Credential: Certificate
Code: C50240MT

The Mechatronics Engineering Technology curriculum prepares the students to use basic engineering principles and technical skills in developing and testing automated, servomechanical, and other electromechanical systems.
Includes instruction in prototype testing, manufacturing and operational testing, systems analysis and maintenance
procedures. Graduates should be qualified for employment in industrial maintenance and manufacturing including
assembly, testing, startup, troubleshooting, repair, process improvement, and control systems.


Course Prefix, No. Title Class Credit Contact
Spring Semester I
ELC 213 Instrumentation 3 2 4
ELC 128 Intro to PLCs 2 3 3
HYD 110 Hydraulics and Pneumatics 2 3 3
Fall Semester I
ELC 132 Electrical Drawings 1 3 2
MEC 130 Mechanisms 2 3 3
ATR 112 Intro to Automation 2 3 3
Total Credit Hours 18