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Regroup Notification Information

Bladen Community College is pleased to announce the availability of our new campus emergency broadcast alert and communication system. Our institution has partnered with Regroup Inc. to provide these and other communication services for our campus community. This system will provide instant notices to students, faculty and staff dealing with campus delays, closures and emergency related situations at Bladen Community College. Emergency notifications can be sent to you via text, voice or email messages.

If you are not currently registered for the College’s emergency notification system, please visit Bladen’s Regroup page and sign up as a new user. The College will not share contact information that is provided for emergency communication purposes.

Change contact information or opt-out of alerts

Users can change their contact information and notification preferences at any time following the below steps. If you wish to opt-out or remove your information, please ensure you select “Leave Group” (step 7 below).

1)      Go to Bladen’s Regroup page.

2)      Please use your Self Service User ID and password to login.

3)      If you have forgot your password, click on “Forgot your password?” (If you have previously signed in and know your password, please skip to step 6)

4)      Enter your college email address. (i.e. for students:
(i.e. for employees:

5)      A link to create your password will be sent to your email.

6)      Click on the link to create your new password and login.

7)      Click on email/phone preferences. This will take you to your personal info page.

8)      Click on the email | phone tab and verify that your phone number is correct. You can also add additional email addresses or phone numbers to receive notifications.

9)      To opt-out of emergency notifications, click “Group Notifications” tab and in the emergency notification group click “Leave Group.”