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Yellow Ribbons Everywhere at Bladen Community College


Bladen Community College is adopting a new custom of tying yellow ribbons to prominent spaces on its campus as an expression of its commitment to a warm, safe welcome to students upon return after the COVID-19 state of emergency has ended.

The yellow ribbon has long been a symbol of support for absent or missing loved ones.  A well- known song “Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Ole Oak Tree” was made popular by Tony Orlando and Dawn.  The ballad topped the pop hit charts back in 1973.  In the song, the yellow ribbon was a sign that a true love would be welcomed back upon their return.  Fast forward from the 1973 popularity to 1981, when the appearance of yellow ribbons around the country welcomed US hostages home after 444 days of captivity in Iran.  The ribbon symbolized the resolve of Americans to bring the hostages home safely. Yellow ribbons were featured in celebration upon their return.

In 2020, Bladen Community College is planning for a celebration when students return to campus.

“Yellow ribbons are used for various awareness efforts across the world but universally represent a warm welcome and support.  It has the capacity to take on new meaning and to fit new needs, commented Dr. Amanda Lee, Bladen Community College President. “So today, in these unsettling and uncertain times, the yellow ribbon on our campus is a way for us to express our support of students at home, their willingness to adapt to online learning, and a commitment that once this COVID-19 pandamic is over, Bladen Community College will be welcoming students—whether new or returning, back to campus.  It is our resolve more than ever to be student centered, future focused.”



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