FALL REGISTRATION August 8-9 from 9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. and from 4:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. Continuing Education fall registration begins July 13 and continues daily throughout the semester.

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Notices - Distance Education

Welcome to Bladen Community College's (BCC) Distance Education Website. This site is designed to inform prospective and current students about what BCC has to offer its distance students. Currently, BCC offers seven (7) programs through Distance Learning:

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**** BCC charges no student fees solely associated with distance courses. ****

  • Electronic Campus


    Distance Learning Administration - http://www.bladencc.edu/distance_education/index.php
    Admissions and Registration Page - http://www.bladencc.edu/admissions/index.php
    Bookstore page - http://www.bladencc.edu/book_store/index.php
    Course and Program Descriptions - http://www.bladencc.edu/pdf/college_catalog.pdf

    Grievances and Complaints about courses and programs -http://www.bladencc.edu/consumer_information/complaint_process.php

    Library Page - http://www.bladencc.edu/lrc/index.php

    Student Services - http://www.bladencc.edu/admissions/index.php

    Tuition and Financial Aid - http://www.bladencc.edu/financial_aid/index.php

    Student Complaint Resolution Procedure - http://www.bladencc.edu/consumer_information/complaint_process.php
    Consumer Information page - http://www.bladencc.edu/consumer_information/index.php

  • For Assistance with a Moodle course – Dr. Maurice Mitchell (mmitchell@bladencc.edu) 910-879-5606
    For Assistance with Email - Mr. Philip Pope (ppope@bladencc.edu) 910-879-5510
    For Assistance with student Webadvisor –Mr. David Gooden (dgooden@bladencc.edu) 910-879-5521

    Follow us on our Distance Learning Facebook Page.

    If you have any questions concerning Distance Learning, please feel free to contact Ray Sheppard at (910) 879-5542 or email him at msheppard@bladencc.edu.